About The Brand

Designer Lorena Yvette and Founder of Loyalty jewelry, the highly acclaimed jewelry brand created in 2012.

Lorena Yvette has always been inspired by her late Abuelita (Grandmother) as long as she can remember.
Her Abuelita a Colombian native was a very successful Seamstress all of her life.
From early on her Abuelita will take her to the Garment District in NYC to pick up wedding fabrics, embellishment and Swarovski crystals to fulfilled her client’s request.
Her Abuelita’s patience and excitement was unmatched as she hand-sewed thousand’s of stones one by one. Throughtout her years, Abuelita was always Faithful and Thankful to GOD for gifting and blessing her hands to create and make others happy.

Lorena Yvette was always by her side learning, and observing all of her creativity, passion, and attention to details, which she’ll always give homage to her Abuelita for always teaching her to be creative with her hands.

Lorena Yvette’s philosophy is to create pieces that are everyday affordable, personalized, comfortable, yet stylish with touches of high-end luxury. She Loves mixing modern with updated metals, semi-precious stones, leather, diamonds and imported fabrics to create and Hand-Design Unique and sophisticated pieces.

Loyalty Jewelry was United with Designer Lorena yvette’s deepest source of Inspiration, Love, Spiritually, personal expression, strong roots and Family core Values.